[BackroomCastingCouch] Jaden (07.20.2015)

Jaden admits she likes to watch creampie videos online since it’s so taboo for her and it gets her off. She’s terrified of getting pregnant. So guess what I’m going to finish her off with? She does freak out a little after I cum inside her and we go get a Plan B pill at the pharmacy immediately after her casting (I tape it on my phone to prevent any paternity claims down the road…). Besides all that, Jaden is next-door cute, not shy at all to share her sexual kinks with us, and admits she has a boyfriend who has no clue she’s fucking a stranger on camera today for a chance at modeling jobs (that don’t exist.) Good, clean girl with a filthy side and a weirdly awesome blowjob technique that’s shockingly pro for a girl like that.



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