[BackroomCastingCouch] Sierra and Kenzie

You remember Kenzie. She’s the type that keeps calling with questions and at some point I broke down and told her about my game. And she loved it! Promised her she gets to scam the next girl who comes in. Enter 18 year old Sierra. She likes porn, hates her dayjob so that’s why she’s here today. Ms Chubby Cheeks figures if Kenzie got jobs through me, all she has to do is follow her lead to get the same, so she mimicks Kenzie in everything she does to and for me. No need to question anything. Kenzie talks Sierra into getting assfucked (“I started liking it actually…”) for the first time in her life. After I fuck them both in the ass and have them do some lezzie shit with each other, we get Sierra to suck my cum out of Kenzie’s creampie’d pussy. Astounding how dirty a girl is willing to get if another one cheers her on.



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