[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Taylor, Ashe

Real life best friends Tayler (brunette) and Ashe (blonde) have agreed to do a threeway on camera today. It’s the first time these girls have done anything like this with each other (except kiss maybe). So this is going to get interesting We start things off with a seemingly redundant interview recap. We could say that’s because in case you missed Ashe or Tayler’s respective individual shoots. But we let you in on a secret – THIS (yes, this threeway) is actually the first shoot in this whole batch. Done before Tayler’s solo scene, and before Ashe’s solo anal scene. Why? Logistics. Let’s leave it at that. Tayler and Ashe are real best friends. And frankly, their interactions and goofing-around with each other in between getting dicked by TC is probably the most enjoyable part of this shoot. Not that there aren’t some sizzling hot moments. We particularly like how TC makes the girls suck off each other’s juices from his cock, and help each other get fucked. Just something hot about watching real life friends help each other fuck someone – and remember, in reality at that time TC is a total stranger. Just hot.m Considering that Tayler and Ashe are real friends, and still teenagers (18 and 19 respectively), they do get surprisingly dirty with each other once TC takes control. They even try anal. Pretty much all anal fail, especially for Tayler. She can’t even handle a finger, nevermind TC’s huge cock. So she taps out pretty early. Ashe tries out because she knows she’s supposed to take it in her ass the next day anyway for her anal scene (again, we put that one up first on the site). And that doesn’t go over very well either, although our stud’s dick does poke in just a tad. So all in all it’s a fun shoot with 2 cute teens doing something they most certainly regretted the moment they were done with it. This is why their attitude (ok, Ashe’s attitude in her all-anal video) is…umm….muted? Yeah, let’s say muted. We bet it’s just awkward to have sex with your best friend on camera and then spend the night in the same hotel room waiting to get (ass) fucked individually again the next day…and then fly home together and go back to their normal lives. But hey, Ex Co Gi likes to push boundaries. If girls wanna explore, we are more than happy to help.

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