[NuruMassage] Cassidy Klein (A Masseuse’s Revenge)

Masseuse Cassidy Klein is stuck at the Spa on her day off due to her inconsiderate boyfriend. He’d rather be out with friends then home with her. Cassidy decides to make the day worth while, as she tells her friend over the phone, that she’s giving her next client Everything she’s got to get payback for his nagging attitude! Who may you ask is this lucky client, none other than, Mr. Tommy Gunn! Instead of simply undressing him, Cassidy takes the opportunity to stick his big, hard cock in her mouth. They haven’t even gotten to the shower portion of the massage yet! As they enter the shower Cassidy lathers Tommy up with soap just to watch it drip down his body, and taking his cock in her eagerly waiting mouth. It doesn’t take very long until she takes his big dirty cock inside her wet sweet pussy, bouncing up and down as he caresses her soft breasts and tight ass. Tommy can’t get over his luck at having Cassidy as his masseuse! This is the type of revenge he can participate in, any time.

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